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Written & Directed by: Angel Connell
Starring: Angel Connell, Robin Reck, Jeff Corveau, Eric Scheiner, Zenobia
Running Time: 12 Mins.
 "She's So Cold" Review 
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In its initial moments, "She's So Cold," a 12-minute short film written and directed by Angel Connell, appears to be your typical, run-of-the-mill low-budget indie short.

Then, Angel Connell goes seriously over the edge with delightful results.

"She's So Cold" is part futuristic noir, part music video and so completely original that one almost wants to sit down with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards to watch it together.

In the film, a mysterious woman, Martha (Robin Reck), enters what appears to be a government office and requests to view the videotaped confession of a madman. The videotape, regarded as the office's most popular videotaped confession, is a stylishly disturbing array of images said to be a the confession of the mysterious woman's fiance', Zeno (Angel Connell), for the murder and corpse molestation of the woman's sister.

Ah, yes. Necrophilia has never been this entertaining.

Those who are easily disturbed or averse to rather taboo cinematic themes aren't likely to find much to appreciate in "She's So Cold," a film that tapes into incest, murder and necrophilia to the entertaining beat of the Rolling Stones' "She's So Cold" in a style that makes much of the 12-minute short play like an 80's music video, admittedly one that would have played on the night shift.

Yet, the ensemble cast is appropriately mysterious and icy while Connell, as the rather disturbed Zeno, lip syncs perfectly and the editing team has done a stellar job of putting together all the pieces. The film's production quality, while a notch below Connell's "Stocking Stuffers," works nicely in evoking an odd blend of film noir, early music video and the kind of B-movie you can't help but fall in love with a little more each time you view it.
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