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Ivan Wilzig, Mina Otsuka
Jim Brown
54 Mins.
Five Music Videos; Additional Hamptons Party Footage
Pop Twist Entertainment

 "Sir Ivan: I Am Peaceman" a Breezy, Entertaining Documentary 
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I'm not quite sure how to describe Sir Ivan other than to say that even before I sat down with the documentary based upon his life, I was kind of in awe of the guy.

A peace-loving pop star...

Cape-wearing party animal...

Superhero philanthropist...

Indeed, Sir Ivan has made a fairly mind-boggling transition from twenty years working with his family's commercial banking business, including being on the bank's board of directors, to being a top-ten selling Billboard artist with a devotion to music that inspires a message of peace, love and understanding. Sir Ivan: I Am Peaceman is his story.

The film, directed by multi-Emmy Award winning filmmaker Jim Brown, entertainingly captures Sir Ivan's mission of creating a better world and having a whole lot of fun doing it through his music and charity work, the latter coming through the Peaceman Foundation, a foundation he started in 2005.

Sir Ivan's first hit was an almost unimaginable one - a techno dance cover of John Lennon's "Imagine." After the experience of making that record, Sir Ivan decided to devote himself full-time to messages of peace, love and understanding. The message is an important one for Sir Ivan, whose father was a survivor of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp and whose family lost 59 members during the Jewish Holocaust. Sir Ivan believes in a world without violence and hatred and is active in multiple social issues including anti-bullying, transgender issues and more.

The simple truth is it's difficult, if not impossible, to watch Sir Ivan: I Am Peaceman without being both entertained by Sir Ivan and somewhat awed by his commitment. It's also impossible to not admire the unapologetic way he lives his life whether that be surrounded by a harem of gorgeous girls or throwing wild and sexy parties at his over-the-top medieval style castle in New York.

This guy is real. This guy is quite the deal.

You know what's also amazing?

He's also immensely talented.

While Sir Ivan had experienced varying degrees of success soon after his arrival on the music scene, his fortunes rose in 2011 when he hit the charts with "Hare Krishna" and in 2011 and 2012 in the U.K. with "Live for Today." He charted again in the U.K. with "La La Land," a song he co-wrote the lyrics to and again with "Kiss All the Bullies Goodbye," an anti-bullying anthem featuring Taylor Dayne and produced by Paul Oakenfold.

Sir Ivan: I am Peaceman runs less than an hour in length for the film itself, though the DVD includes five music videos and some other additional footage. A terrific film about a wonderfully unique voice in contemporary music whose devotion to making the world a better place and having fun doing it, Sir Ivan: I am Peaceman is definitely a film for music lovers and lovers of life to check out.

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic