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The Independent Critic

Laura Adams
Rachel Sparks
Running Time
15 Mins.
The SOLD Project & Cat

 "SOLD: Cat" Review 
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In 2006, this Indiana native became acutely aware of the devastation of children being sold into prostitution. Having moved to New York to work with children, Sparks suddenly found herself deeply involved in creating The SOLD Project, a non-profit organization that uses film to create education and awareness on this issue and, as a result, to support projects in areas most impacted by the issue. "SOLD: Cat" is the story of one girl that The SOLD Project became determined to help. A young Thai girl in a nation where the majority of young girls drop out of school by 9th grade and head to jobs in prostitution in Bangkok, Cat is a delightful and sweet young girl who dreams of becoming a national athlete but whose dreams, like those of many Thai girls, seem unrealistic and far-fetched. While "SOLD: Cat" is largely successful in sharing Cat's story, it does at times feel too much like a promotional tool for the organization itself and, in at least one scene, for Sparks. Having become at least modestly aware of the organization's efforts, I'm absolutely certain this is unintentional but I couldn't shake the feeling throughout the film's 15 minute running time.

Despite this minor weakness, "SOLD: Cat" is a beautifully photographed and heartfelt documentary short about a subject far too few Americans know anything about. An official selection of the 2008 Heartland Film Festival, "SOLD: Cat" is a touching film about a vulnerable young girl in Thailand and one organization's determination to help her avoid the fate of so many other young Thais.