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The Independent Critic

Conceived, Directed by and Starring
 Annie Quick
Running Time
9 Mins.

 "Souvenirs and Shiny Things" Review 
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I will confess to a certain degree of bias when it comes to "Souvenirs & Shiny Things," a documentary short by Annie Quick documenting Quick's recreation of New York's Central Park out of ordinary objects. Quick, a musician and visual artist who was present for the film's screening during the 2008 Heartland Film Festival, seems delightfully creative and quirky both on-screen and off.

My bias is simple...I've grown a bit weary of artists of every genre who feel a need to document their artistic processes, be it in a documentary short, a full-length feature or in any other way. While Quick's installation is quite beautiful, I'm simply not convinced that an installation that has only been exhibited twice really warrants a documentary on it.

That said, "Souvenirs & Shiny Things" succeeds where so many of these artist self-docs fail because Quick seems completely devoid of pretentiousness and, well, her art is quite good. Quick has a playfulness about her that keeps the film constantly engaging and consistently constructed in a way that seems to reflect Quick's own childlike wonder.