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Andrea Ricca
5 Mins.

 "Spider Danger" Review 
Spider Danger is a creepy and effective sci-fi horror short written, directed by and starring Italian filmmaker Andrea Ricca, whose The Furfangs was also reviewed by this critic. A rather simple 5-minute short amounting to an altercation between a man (Ricca) and the beast of all beasts (ie, a spider!), Spider Danger includes better than one might expect 3-D animation and special effects including the aforementioned spider, made up to look like an old school spider from 50's and 60's horror flicks.

Ricca does everything here except for the original score, an effective piece put together by Antonio DeLuise. While the film's low budget occasionally shines through, Ricca proves once again that creativity and commitment can often compensate for cash.

The film, which you can see in its entirety above, has a B-movie sensibility about it but also benefits from the enhancements in technology from fifty years ago. While I can't quite say it captivated me along the lines of The Furfangs, it's definite testimony to Ricca's abundant talent and creativity.

Check the film out above for yourself!

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic