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Suso Marin, Juan Davila, Paola Verdu
Mari Navarro
102 Mins.
Breaking Glass Pictures


 "Stuck To Your Pillow" Arrives on DVD via Breaking Glass Pictures  
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Expanding upon their growing reputation as a go-to distributor for for indie Spanish language cinema, Breaking Glass Pictures has just released writer/director Mari Navarro's entertaining and quite touching Stuck To Your Pillow, a film with hints of Ghost yet a comedic voice all its own.

In the film, Miguel (Jesus Marin) is killed in a serious diving accident but he's not quite ready to go despite the urging of his guardian angel. Miguel continues to live on Earth as a ghost all for the sake of the live of his life, Patricia (Paolo Verdu). On the flip side, Patricia is actually a married woman yet she surprisingly finds herself starting a "relationship" with the spirit of Miguel through her dreams. With life getting stranger and stranger, her husband Luis (Juan Davila) hires a private detective who discovers the otherworldly affair between Patricia and Miguel.

Got all that?

Navarro does a wonderful job of weaving together the worlds of the living and the dead, but rather than take the cheap way out by playing it all simply for laughs at the expense of characters we end up with a film that is deeply felt, immensely funny and, at times, even quite genuinely inspired.

Filmed on location in Spain, Stuck To Your Pillow benefits greatly from a genuine chemistry between Marin and Verdu along with the ensemble cast's strong ability to pull off both the film's comic and dramatic moments with equal energy and zest. The original music from Mario de Benito sparkles, while the film's original soundtrack is filled with music bound to bring a big ole' smile to the face.

As has become fairly customary for the folks at Breaking Glass, Stuck To Your Pillow also includes more extras than one usually finds in these indie productions including deleted scenes, a director's commentary and a "Making of" featurette that you'll definitely want to catch.

Fans of Spanish language cinema will definitely want to separate this unique and inspired release from Mari Navarro, a veteran of television and shorts with a background in casting that shines through in this incredibly well cast film from the leads to the smallest of roles.

Visit Breaking Glass Pictures through the link on the left and pick up Stuck To Your Pillow for yourself!

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic