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Tamara Voss, Taylor James Brandt, Todd Terry, Dayton Walton
Mark Blitch
Tamara Voss, Taylor James Brandt, Todd Terry

 "The Code" Review  
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There's simply not enough truly funny horror.

Created for Houston's Splatterfest Film Festival and winner of a slew of awards at the festival including Best Film and Audience Favorite Film, The Code takes one couple on a first date and plops them down smack dab in the middle of a beastly world governed by a strictly, or maybe not so strictly, enforced code.

If you don't believe me, just look it up on Google.

The Code is likely what would happen if Zucker would decide to create Zombie Movie, except for one major difference - it's actually funny. The ensemble cast strikes just the right tone to sell The Code as a tongue-in-cheek, slightly irreverent parody of our beloved zombie (and other creatures) flicks.

Tamara Voss is a hoot as Vanna, both uttering a couple of the film's choice lines and maintaining a decent character who leaves you guessing until close to the very end. For that matter, there's not a weak performance among the ensemble cast that includes Taylor Brandt, Todd Terry, Daylon Walton and others.

Splatterfest is a 54-hour "speed" film fest - that is, The Code was created in 54 hours start to finish and had to incorporate a couple key elements, "porn star" and "weedeater." How this is accomplished is a creative delight. Since its big win at Splatterfest, The Code has been popping up in other venues including the DOA Bloodbath Film Festival in Dallas, the DSA Short Film Showcase and is now available for viewing at, where it is currently holding right about a 96% approval rating.


For more information on The Code, be sure to give it a "like" on Facebook and check out upcoming screenings and projects! Best of all, you can now watch the entire film above (but be sure to give it a "Thumbs up!" on Funny or Die!).

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