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Sabina Almeida, Blake Andrews, Tyler Brennan, Anthony Carvello, Marcus Ellison, Thea Garlid, Nora Kaye, Ian Schulz
Ricardo Lorenzo
Matthew Brian Cohen
18 Mins.

 Movie Review: The Super Exciting Gang 
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At first glance, Ricardo Lorenzo's The Super Exciting Gang might be seen as a goofy little short film. Centered around Marcus Ellison's David Wardlow, The Super Exciting Gang's David is an idealistic artist who reunites with the now successful college art collective he left behind in an effort to make both amends for their tumultuous past and to provide fuel for the super viral content that is set to make them all richer. It's a simple story, really, cleverly done and ideally suited for the film's less than 20-minute running time. 

As is often the case, however, The Super Exciting Gang has more on its mind than its relatively simple framework and over the course of its time spirals into a darkly comedic allegory for cultural appropriation along the lines of such films as Sorry to Bother You, Living in Oblivion and others. 

The Super Exciting Gang is both pointed and funny. The film's ensemble cast is strong across the board, Ellison's David serving as the anchor for a film that doesn't flinch while looking at how one's cultural identity can be appropriated for the financial gain of others. It, at times, can feel "authentic" and yet if we look around we often see something else at work

Ellison's turn as David is low-key and convincing, a sort of low-key resignation to the world around him apparent with a hilarious nonchalance that made me laugh several times. Anthony Carvello also shines as Murphy, though this ensemble works together quite nicely as they clearly "get" the story from Lorenzo and Matthew Brian Cohen. 

Lensing by Dean Luis is effective throughout and original music from Erik Romero is absolutely top-notch for the film. There's also some impressive graphic design from Captain Rottsteak that helps to give the film a visual spark. 

While there's no denying that The Super Exciting Gang is an entertaining comedy short, the film has a lot more on its mind and should no doubt please fans of indie cinema and indie shorts. Is it possible to be both viral and culturally aware? Is it possible to create art that says something yet also gives a crap about the bottom line? Can you remain a decent human being and become a rich one? 

Does it really matter? 

With humor intact, Lorenzo tackles all these ideas and tackles them well in the 18-minute short film The Super Exciting Gang.

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic