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Stelio Savante, Christopher Maleki, Jonathan Roumie
Dallas Jenkins
Dallas Jenkins, Tyler Thompson
27 Mins.

 Movie Review: The Two Thieves 
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It has been several years since acclaimed Christian filmmaker Dallas Jenkins first presented the short film The Two Thieves, though after several years of church-based Easter screenings the film is now finding a home on Pure Flix just in time for the 2023 Easter weekend. 

The Two Thieves tells the story, as you might be able to guess, of the two thieves who were crucified alongside Jesus - one to his left and the other to his right. While Christ was atoning for the sins of humanity, these men were paying for their very human crimes. However, each had an opportunity for redemption from this very Savior who offered them salvation even as he himself suffered greatly.  

A short yet deeply meaningful film, The Two Thieves benefits tremendously from its gifted cast including Jonathan Roumie (Jesus Revolution) as Jesus, Stelio Savante The Chosen, What Remains), and Christopher Maleki (The Resurrection of Gavin Stone) as Benyamin. 

While The Two Thieves is an engaging film, there's little denying it was a low-budget effort that surfaced in the earlier days of the faith-based film industry's surge toward popularity. Lensing by Trent Jones is simple and straightforward and Eddie Hoagland's original music instills an appropriate dignity for the film's faithful message. 

Of course, anyone familiar with the faith-based film industry recognizes the film's three leading performers and they've all deservedly become popular names in both faith-based and more mainstream cinema. I've become quite fond of Savante over the years and he adds considerable gravitas and humility here. Roumie, as always, is exceptional and Christopher Maleki is equally impressive. Other key players include Carmen Roman as Mary Magdalene, Richard Cotovsky as Barabbas, and Christian Castro as Thaddeus. 

The Christian film industry has come a long way over the years, though The Two Thieves is a powerful reminder that with a meaningful story and a talented ensemble wonderful things can happen. Watch it for yourself on Pure Flix! 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic