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Joshua Exposito, Lee Edge, Ruben Crow
Simeon Lumgair

 "The Way We're Wired" is an Effective Thriller Short 

In Simeon Lumgair's The Way We're Wired, Thomas is a contract killer who begins questioning his career when he starts to lose his eyesight. While the theme itself isn't quite as novel as one might expect, or at least not for a film critic who regularly reviews indie cinema, The Way We're Wired is an energetic, thrilling nearly eight-minute short film featuring a terrific performance from Joshua Exposito as Thomas, who on the surface is your typical smooth looking, brash acting man until he starts to have difficulty performing the expected functions of his job.

Written and directed by Lumgair, The Way We're Wired features strong lensing from Vijey Anant, atmospheric companion music from Kevin Macleod and Chris Zabriskie, and an involving script from Lumgair.

The Way We're Wired was only recently completed and should have no problem finding a spot on the indie/underground fest circuit. Lumgair, who has several shorts from 2014 alone, has been on the directing scene since 2007 and may be most known for his work on BBC with BBC Concert Orchestra: Learning and BBC Electric Proms. Here's hoping he gets even more chances to show his talent in the future.

© Written by Richard Propes
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