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Arielle Hope, Sarah Schoofs
Jeremiah Kipp
Charles D. Lincoln
120 Mins.

 "Theresa & Allison" Gets Set for Indie Fest Circuit 
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Director Jeremiah Kipp is back in action with his latest film, the indie horror flick Theresa & Allison, a retro-vibed vampire flick simultaneously sexy and savage with a devotion to 70's stylings and an aura of grit and mayhem that is miles away from contemporary vampire cinema. 

In the film, Theresa (newcomer Arielle Hope) has a one-night stand that goes wildly awry and resulting in her increasingly devastating journey into a depraved underworld where darkness comes and there's not a whole lot of light. Struggling to deal with this extreme new world, Theresa equally struggles with her animalistic attraction to the beautiful and immortal temptress Allison (Sarah Schoofs). 

Kipp has never shied away from jarring cinema and such is the case with Theresa & Allison, an often dark and brutal film that is mesmerizing to watch courtesy of Christopher Bye's absolutely stellar lensing of film. Bye practically bathes the complex, involving characters in a grey aura that bounces at you and practically splatters you with a color scheme both immersive and stand-out. 

Theresa & Allison depends greatly on the chemistry between Arielle Hope's Theresa and Sarah Schoofs's Allison, a chemistry that for the most part sizzles while vacillating back and forth between primal, feral, erotic and just plain uncomfortable. While Theresa is a meaty role for a relative newcomer, Hope's subtle glow of innocence is hypnotic and watching Hope's transformation throughout the film's solid two-hour running time is an absolute blast. As the more cocksure Allison, Sarah Schoofs draws you in and nibbles her way into your psyche'. Together? Theresa & Allison becomes a gritty, compelling and atmospheric work of indie wonder. 

Only recently completed, Theresa & Allison is getting set for the indie fest circuit and if it follows Kipp's usual trajectory should have no problem snagging an extended presence on the low-budget, indie and horror fest circuits. The film's more experimental nature may prove distracting for some, especially with a running time that could potentially be trimmed a bit but also gives you plenty of time to get to know these characters created by Charles D. Lincolm and to become invested in their adventures. 

It's likely to safe to say that Theresa & Allison simply won't be a film for everyone, but for those who miss the 70's era of gritty, hardcore horror and vampiric vibes it'll be a welcomed breath of fresh air and blood and guts. 

For more information on Theresa & Allison, be sure to visit the film's website linked to in the credits and watch for it at an indie fest near you. 

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic