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Silvi Alzetta-Reali, Eddy Galland, Ron Guttman
Tim Wardle
96 Mins.

 "Three Identical Strangers" Screens at the 2018 Indy Film Fest 

Three Identical Strangers is one of those feature documentaries that you kind of have to see to believe, the kind of "WTF?" documentary that leaves you talking about its story for days while becoming depressed about the seemingly complete lack of humanity in humanity. 

On the surface, at least early on, it seems like we're in for a feel-good film with Three Identical Strangers. The story essentially starts in 1980 when three complete strangers - Bobby, Eddy, and David - discover that they are actually triplets who had been separated at birth and adopted out to different homes. While they had years apart, they quickly become inseparable and their amazing story catches the attention of national media as the entire world marvels at their similarities despite having been raised apart. However, it's not long before the real story starts to surface - their differences. 

Three Identical Strangers begins exploring what actually happened to cause the brothers to be divided, an exploration that uncovers a stunningly complex pattern of deception that ultimately leads to one basic question - Is it nature or nurture that really shapes who we become?

Director Tim Wardle's film undoubtedly settles on the side of nurture, though it does so in a way that is emotionally riveting and intellectually satisfying. 

In fact, there are so many layers to Three Identical Strangers that it's almost impossible to describe the film, or even review the film, without giving it all away. Indeed, the element of surprise is vital here and I'm opting for a less "entertaining" review in favor of you watching it yourself when the film arrives in theatrical release on June 29th with indie distributor Neon. 

For now, Three Identical Strangers is screening at the 2018 Indy Film Fest with a sole screening set for Wednesday, May 2nd at 7pm in The Toby at Newfields. Some of the film's early press coverage has compared Wardle to none other than Errol Morris, a comparison that would seem to be grandstanding but definitely isn't. Wardle incorporates vibrant reenactment along with razor-sharp editing and an immensely involving story while never letting us forget that these are human lives we're dealing with more than anything. 

It's remarkable filmmaking. 

Three Identical Strangers has already had quite a bit of success on the festival circuit including picking up a Special Jury Prize at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. 

For more information on Indy Film Fest, visit the Indy Film Fest website. 

© Written by Richard Propes
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