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John Black, Benjamin David Taylor
Seb Cox
John Black, Seb Cox 
27 Mins.

 "Tide of Ghosts" an Effective, Low-Budget Short  
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Tide of Ghosts director Seb Cox has been making films since he was a mere seven-years-old, this short film representing his final film in his student days even though he's already in the post-production stages of his first feature film. This film, a paranormal drama, follows the story of two best friends, Andrew (John Black) and George (Benjamin David Taylor), in a most unusual circumstance. 

George, who is deceased, keeps appearing to Andrew as a ghost with unfinished business. Preparing for the transition to the afterlife, George needs Andrew's help to find his body so he can solve the mystery of his death before his body decomposes. Time is ticking and their friendship is tested in this thoughtful, engaging drama. 

Cox's own lensing for the film is particularly compelling, much of it underwater and sea-based in Heathfield, England, UK and no small accomplishment given the film's ultra-low-budget. These are scenes that amp up the inherent drama of the story and Cox captures them quite nicely alongside the effective performances of both John Black, who also co-wrote the script, and Benjamin David Taylor. The sea-based scenes carry with them an obvious sense of struggle, both physically and in the friendship between the two men. 

Tide of Ghosts tells a familiar story, though its light coating of humor is welcome and utilized nicely and the relationship between Andrew and George, for the most part, feels authentic and honest. 

A solid low-budget effort by Cox, Tide of Ghosts is an intelligent, meaningful film and it'll be interesting to watch and see what Cox comes up next with his feature film. For more information on the film, visit its official Facebook page linked to in the credits. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic