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Danny Grossman
Danny Grossman, Elisa Dyann, Rob Ullett, Candice Martin, Steve Barr
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 "Tossers" Review 
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Written and Directed by Danny Grossman, who has become a favorite of The Independent Critic, "Tossers" may very well be one of Grossman's most unique films yet...and that's saying quite a bit.
"Tossers" is the "true" story of the 4th gay frisbee dancing competition centered largely on two of participating duos.
First, is the team of Simon (Danny Grossman), a prancing punk rocker who looks like he may have been borrowed from "This is Spinal Tap,"  and Sherman (Rob Ullett), his more straight-laced partner who thinks he's a werewolf.
I admit it. I'm laughing even now just thinking about it.
The reigning champs, Willow ( Elisa Dyann) and Moonbeam (Candice Martin) Goldberg, are less outlandish than their male counterparts but no less funny as VAICANS...Vegans Against Imagining Cruelty to Animals...Oh heck, I can't remember the entire acronym. I was too busy laughing.
As is virtually always true of Grossman's films and those of the Socal Film Group, the strength here is the acting and the relentlessly energetic and spirited performances across the board. Having seen several of Socal's films at this point, I'm increasingly impressed by the wide variety of roles played by the entire crew, especially Grossman and Dyann.
Tech credits are solid as always, though the outdoor scenes are a touch bright early on in the film. "Tossers" is shot in mockumentary style, a favored style of the dryly funny Grossman, whose acting technique is perfectly suited to such a style.  He's paired nicely with Rob Ullett, whose deadpan delivery is spot-on perfect and would have been stellar in another short reviewed in this column, "One-Day Seminar."
Grossman and Ullett are matched by the subtler yet often even funnier Elisa Dyann and Candice Martin, whose musical stylings may have you flashing back to Phoebe's "Smelly Cat" or your last outing at your neighborhood Jewish vegan juice bar.
You have been to a Jewish vegan juice bar, right?
One of the joys of Grossman as a writer and director is that he can laugh at AND with his characters without ever being cruel. He mocks them, I guess we could say, but he does so with tongue firmly in cheek and in such a way that you can't help but think he really digs these goofy characters he creates.
Silly, sweet, celebratory and just downright funny, "Tossers" is yet another solid effort from Danny Grossman and Socal Film Group.