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Robert McAtee, Molly Leland, Jeff Swarthout, Andrew Welsh, Claire Bocking
Robert McAtee
Robert McAtee. Molly Leland
86 Mins.
Hey Randy Productions

 "Trail of Crumbs" Review 
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"You know when you're driving and all of a sudden you realize that you don't remember driving for the last fifteen minutes . . . and you don't know how you got there? Calvin Miller follows a trail of crumbs in search of a place to call home."
Co-written and directed by Robert McAtee, who also contributes the film's outstanding soundtrack, Trail of Crumbs is one of those indescribable indie flicks that's unafraid to be original, out there, spontaneous and even a little bit irrational.

Trail of Crumbs is about characters and their journey, not so much about consistency and logic. Calvin, as portrayed by McAtee, is an interesting young man theoretically on a journey involving a dead relative's missing things. Yet, it's abundantly clear that Trail of Crumbs is as much about Robert and the people who surround him as it is about any specific objective.

The cast manages to be cohesive despite working with a script that seems to intentionally avoid cohesion. This could, of course, be because co-writers McAtee and Molly Leland also star in the film. They are both stellar, Leland having been nominated for Best Actress at the Action on Film International Film Festival and the film itself also being an official selection at both the Derby City and Hoboken Film Festivals.

While the story in Trail of Crumbs may not exactly be defined as cohesive, it is a film that lives and breathes the everyday quirks of life with all its humor and drama and everything in between. Even as we may not exactly understand everything going on, both McAtee and Leland do an excellent job of keeping us invested in their characters and the film.

In addition to McAtee's original score, which is available on ITunes, Trail of Crumbs benefits greatly from the excellent camera work of Shanra Kehl, who perfectly blends the lighting and beautifully captures shots of Louisville, Kentucky, one of several locations for the film.

Trail of Crumbs is an entertaining film, yet it's also a thoughtful film with a story and ending that reveals itself slowly yet is completely worth its full 86-minute journey.

Trail of Crumbs is now available on ITunes for viewing. For more information on the film, visit the Trail of Crumbs website.

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