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Jake Hunter, Destorm Power, and Adam Waheed
Nino Aldi
Andy Marlatt
10 Mins.

 "Tribes" Set for Santa Barbara World Premiere  
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The Oscar-qualifying Santa Barbara International Film Festival will play host for the world premiere of Nino Aldi's terrific new short film Tribes, a hilariously insightful 10-minute about an African-American (DeStorm Power), an Arab-American (Adam Waheed), and a white guy (Jake Hunter) who try to rob a subway train but encounter a roadblock when none of them want to rob their "own people." 

Written by Andy Marlatt, Tribes is a deliciously inspired short film brought perfectly to life by a leading trio able to precisely exact every comical moment from Marlatt's intelligent, observant, and laugh out loud funny script. Tribes will make you laugh, but it will also make you think and reflect. Power (Punk'd), Waheed (Pitch Please), and Hunter (Class Act) are simply sublime here, though it must be noted that the film is perfectly cast down to the bit players in this top-notch ensemble effort. 

Alexander Nikishin's lensing is spry and creative, while Tribes is accompanied by an energized, inspired original score and the effective production design of Emily Peters and X Hill's equally effective costume design. 

Tribes is the kind of short film that you finish watching and you instantly want to watch again, Aldi's eye for detail so precise that even watching the film's ensemble becomes important. It's that rare short film where both visual imagery and dialogue are woven together perfectly, with each member of our leading trio having moments to both claim their tribe and broaden that definition just a little bit. 

I'm tellin' you folks, there's an awful lot of insight in this 10-minute comedic short. 

Tribes is the first film review for The Independent Critic in 2020 - if every film could be as effective as this one, it would be a mighty awesome year indeed. 

Self-identity is a bitch, indeed, for this awesome role-reversal comedy that looks to have a healthy festival life following its world premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival going on from January 15-25, 2020 in Santa Barbara. For more information on the film, be sure to check out its Facebook page linked to in the credits. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic