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The Independent Critic

Peter Besson
Dustin Seavey, Meegan Michel
Running Time
10 Mins.

 "True Beauty This Night" Review 
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A quirky and delightful short that plays on that unpredictable thing we call love, Peter Besson's "True Beauty This Night" introduces us to Rhett (Dustin Seavey) and his having felt a special connection with Elise (Meegan Michel), a young lady he'd met just the night before.

Sound like a love story?

Maybe it is.

The two met in the most of unusual of ways, a fact that slowly reveals itself only moments before the film's rather humorous climax and an absolutely perfect ending.

Seavey does a convincing job as the good guy who might be a bad guy, or is it bad guy who might be a good guy? Michel, as well, plays it all off perfectly before her perfectly timed closing response.

It's difficult to review a film such as "True Beauty This Night" without giving away too much, and in a mere 10 minutes Besson manages to squeeze in a couple shifts that keep the film well-paced, interesting and entertaining with solid production values throughout.