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 "Twisted" Review 
Ashley Judd, Samuel L. Jackson, Andy Garcia, David Strathairn
Phillip Kaufman
Sarah Thorp
Rated R
97 Mins.
$50 million

For every wonderful performance from Andy Garcia, Samuel L. Jackson and David Straithairn, we seem to get 2 or 3 films that are crap films like "Twisted." It's sad, because all three are wonderful actors who either have horrid script choosing abilities, lousy agents or mounting debt that must be paid off by agreeing to star in films like this one.

Then, of course, there's Ashley Judd. Now, I admittedly do not fancy myself a Judd fan...not in the least. I find her emotionally guarded and pretentious on film, and have VERY seldom seen her truly connect with a character. Judd tries, but seems awfully miscast in this role as a police detective investigating a serial killer and all signs point to her.

Now, another admission. I really can't say I care much for this type of film. I do get into the "real life" serial killer films (Bundy, Gein, Dahmer, Starkweather), but this sort of film just hardly ever works for me. They're typically filled with major plot holes, implausible situations and histrionic acting (one of my major pet peeves). This film is near the bottom of the heap and is almost painful to watch.

Philip Kaufman directs this film, and he's a far better director than this film would indicate. I can't even imagine how bad this film would play in the hands of a bad director (Pitof or Uwe Boll, anyone?).

None of the performers shine here, and Garcia actually looks uncomfortable. Speaking of awful, there's also a Camryn Manheim performance that is laughably bad and horridly shot. Cinematography in this film is lacking beyond words, and even the physical characteristics (make-up, costuming) do nothing for the characters.

If this film is your sort of thing, I've seen several recommendations for "Tightrope" instead and have to go along with them. It's a tighter film with much better acting, a solid script, wonderful direction and MUCH better camera work. See the real thing and skip this twisted mess.

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic

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