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The Independent Critic

Written and Directed by
Taryn Hough
Taryn Hough, Sandra McCurdy, Eric Pirooz, Jaclyn Carmichael
Running Time
21 Mins.

 "Unit 30" Review 
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Mulder (Taryn Hough) and Scully (Sandra McCurdy), unrelated to our X-Files friends, are not so perfect roommates who move into a perfectly planned community surrounded by happy homeowners. Settling into their seemingly idyllic new rental, their only conflict seems to be Scully's overwhelming desire for Mulder to unpack a few boxes or, at the very least, manage to get dressed. However, when a delivery man (Ben Blair) arrives seeking a non-existent Unit 30. The mystery heightens and Mulder soon decides that solving the mystery of the missing Unit 30 warrants her attention. Of course, she drags Scully along for the ride and they both quickly learn that this perfectly planned community may not be so perfect after all.

Unit 30 is proving to be quite the fave on the indie film festival circuit with its entertaining blend of humorous camp, touches of horror and enough originality to keep you wishing that you had a heck of a lot longer than the film's 21-minute run time.

Since its debut at the Media Film Festival in February 2010, Unit 30 has played at Action on Film, GIAA Film Festival, Terror Film Festival, Hollywood Asylum 13 Festival and the Fargo Fantastic Film Festival, capturing a variety of prizes along the way including the Claw Award for Best Short Thriller at Terror and both Best Overall Short Film and Best Horror-Comedy Short at Cleveland's Indie Gathering Film Festival.

Unit 30 is a delightful blend of campy horror, character-driven hijinks and tongue-in-cheek thrills that will keep you laughing courtesy of rock solid performances from Hough and McCurdy along with supporting players Eric Pirooz, as an extremely motivated real estate agent, and Jaclyn Carmichael, a uniquely twisted Welcome Wagon you won't forget.

Unit 30 benefits from a spirited original score by Phillip McCollum that nicely companions Hough's dialogue. The entire cast seems to be having a good time here, an energy that plays nicely as our scenario goes from seemingly normal to anything but normal. Despite being a low-budget indie, tech credits are solid throughout the film.

The film continues on the indie film festival circuit, and its comfortable blending together of humor and horror should make it a festival fave particularly amongst fans of the indie horror genre.