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 Book Review: We're All in This Together by Tom Papa 
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"We're All in This Together" is an absolutely sublime title for the latest book of observational and humorous short essays by comedian, actor, radio host, and author Tom Papa whose book "You're Doing Great!" revealed the comic's gift for literary humor that tackles universal themes with a personal touch.

The same is very much true for "We're All in This Together," a collection of 37 essays addressing such topics as drinking, pets, date nights, unfamiliar hotel rooms, and ducking your family even though you love them. While there's some thematic overlap with Papa's comedy, for the most part "We're All in This Together" offers fresh material from a refreshingly funny and surprisingly heartfelt comic whose background ranges from SiriusXM radio shows to two Rob Zombie-directed comedy specials (plus 3-4 others) to a wide range of television and film appearances.

If you know Tom Papa, you love Tom Papa.

While Papa occasionally tackles a political topic or two, it's typically from a more personal angle with the vast majority of "We're All in This Together" material finding its roots in family live with his wife and two children and his unique humor that somehow is both empathetic and often quite pointed. Papa's a comic who unites, not as a political statement or position but as a human being who seems to genuinely want to build a longer table. Papa's podcast "Breaking Bread with Tom Papa" is evidence of this and it's a spirit that poignantly and hilariously comes to life in this genuinely engaging and entertaining collection of essays.

If you've never listened to Papa's Netflix radio show with Fortune Feimster, "What a Joke," it's an absolute must. Quite simply, at least for me, Papa has become one of my "go to" comedians who never disappoints no matter the medium.

It doesn't hurt that Tom Papa is infinitely relatable. He's the kind of guy who feels like a BFF, admittedly a BFF who'd likely hide from you in the grocery aisle if he noticed you first.

But hey, he's far from my only friend who does that.

"We're All in This Together" features, once again, everything we've come to know and love about and from Papa. With heart and humor, Papa's 37 essays essentially respond to the call put forth by the book's title - "We're All in This Together ... So Make Some Room."

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic