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The Independent Critic

Charlie Anderson
Ryan Conrath, Charlie Anderson, Matt Lawrence, Rob Ribera
Running Time
7 Mins.

 "Werewolf Trouble" Review 
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Ryan is a werewolf, sharing an apartment with two friends who don't seem to particularly have his best interests at heart. When he wakes up one day having not reverted to human form, he enlists the help of his hapless friends in figuring out the dilemma and returning to humanity before his date later in the evening at a poetry reading.

Yet another IIFF entry that falls into the category of dark humor, writer/director Charlie Anderson's "Werewolf Trouble" is an inventive and funny 7-minute short in which the ensemble cast's comfortable chemistry serves the storyline well as we bounce between poetry readings, french toast, a body in the bathtub and more. While "Werewolf Trouble" has an air of familiarity about it, Anderson blends the horror and the humor nicely while Ryan Conrath sells the idea of a werewolf who just wants to return to normal long enough to read his poetry and get his girl.

Production quality on "Werewolf Trouble" is indicative of the film's modest $3,000 budget, but Anderson makes the most of it and "Werewolf Trouble" shows promise for the young director.