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Haley Galliano, AJ Collevecchio, Kyle Rush, Andrew Ward
Sri Kandula
Adam Myers, Jake Lazarow, Sri Kandula
27 Mins.

 Movie Review: What Remains 
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It's months after the death of her fiance. Grace (Haley Galliano) stumbles upon a mute and inexperienced survivor, Oscar (A.J. Collevecchio) and the two travel across a barren landscape in hopes of survival. Seemingly, each step of the journey Grace's past lingers behind them like a dark shadow. 

What Remains is a 27-minute dramatic thriller, an immersive world filled with dangers threatening those who have survived. The world created in What Remains is a dangerous world devoid of safety and filled with uncertainty for those  who have survived and this environment that remains with cannibalistic creatures that seemingly threaten yet also help Grace and Oscar maintain their humanity. 

What Remains benefits from the effective pairing of Galliano and Collevecchio, an unlikely duo yet a duo that seemingly fits together sublimely. Their collective performances are convincing and intuitive with a weaving together of strength, vulnerability, and unknowing. Original music by Greta Guthrie is enveloping, a sort of disconnected industrial vibe that works perfectly alongside the script by Jake Lazarow and Adam Myers based off Kandula's story. Lensing by Andrew Caviston creates a sense of both isolation and menace simultaneously, a quiet intimacy always pierced by an often overwhelming sense of suspense. 

Only recently completed, What Remains is getting set for its indie fest run and should easily find an audience on the indie and microcinema festival circuit. While the idea of a post-apocalyptic short is far from rare, What Remains manages to find a unique voice amidsts its desperation and willingness to surrender to the darkness of this world. 

Kandula, who has been reviewed by The Independent Critic before, is an Indian-born American writer and director and 2019 graduate of Pennsylvania State University. What Remains continues his willingness to explore darker themes and more difficult subject matter.  A crowdfunded short film, What Remains is definitely a film to watch for at your local film festival with a small but talented ensemble cast and convincing production values from beginning to end. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic