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The Independent Critic

Directed by
Varda Hardy
Varda Hardy, Patrick Bennett
Louis Gossett, Jr.
Running Time
16 Mins.

 "Window" Review 
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As produced by director and co-producer Varda Hardy, the 16-minute film "Window," starring previous Oscar-winner Louis Gossett, Jr., is the story of Ralph, an ailing veteran holed up in a hospital whose only wish is to have the window bed. As he becomes increasingly despondent and belligerant, Ralph becomes antagonizing to Gene (Robert Patrick), the terminally ill veteran who possesses the window bed.

Varda's film is simple, straightforward and timely. The powerful presence of Gossett, Jr. benefits the film greatly, though subtlety has never really been the actor's strength. "Window," much like its title, is rather obvious and the ending was quite predictable. An effective performance from Gossett, Jr. saves the film from mediocrity and nearly creates a film as important as it clearly wants to be. "Window" captured the Crystal Heart Award during the 2006 Heartland Film Festival.