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The Independent Critic

Written & Directed by
Jeremy Dylan Lanni
Paula Malcomson, Stuart Pankin, Stephen W. Bridgewater, Larry Cedar, Dan Conroy, James Harper, Peter Jason, Keith Stevenson
Running Time
10 Mins.

 "A Woman in the West" Review 
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Inspired by a true story involving his great-grandmother, Jeremy D. Lanni's "A Woman in the West" is a 10-minute feminist Western in which the main character, Marion Faber (Paula Malcomson), does the unthinkable in standing up for her husband (Larry Cedar) and her home after he's beaten and robbed in a local saloon.

Featuring stellar production design from Erin Horahan and nicely photographed by Bradley Sellers, "A Woman in the West" is beautifully brought to life through the reuniting of three stars from the HBO series "Deadwood" and spot-on perfect performances from Paula Malcomson, Larry Cedar and Peter Jason with an unexpected appearance by the always wonderful Stuart Pankin.

Filmed on a modest $35,000 production budget, Lanni gets the most bang for the buck possible giving the film a simple, yet convincing staging that plays out like one of those old frontier films you couldn't help but love.

"A Woman in the West" benefits, as well, from the presence of "Evolve or Die," a tune from singer-songwriter Tawny Ellis that nicely complements the film's tone of empowerment.