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Garry MacLean, Shawna Pliva, Keaira Pliva, Mike Anthony, Bill Baksa, Sherri Dahl
Jared Eves
Garry MacLean

 "Yard Sale" a Creepy, Effective Indie Horror Short 
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The Festival of Fear will host the world premiere of the creepy, atmospheric indie short film Yard Sale, a film featuring a story centered around that popular roadside temptation that suddenly goes awry for a family on their way to a family reunion. 

Set to screen on October 13th at the Edmonton film fest, Yard Sale has already been nominated for three awards at the festival including Best Short Film, Best Actor (Garry MacLean as Jeff), and for Best Cinematography (Chase Gardiner). 

In the film, MacLean's Jeff is joined by his wife (Shawna Pliva) and young daughter (Keaira Pliva) on their way to a wintry family reunion when they spot an unexpected yard sale sign only a few miles from their destination. Since their daughter needs to find a restroom anyway, they take a quick detour to check it out. 

With immersive music by Jamie Serafi and Chase Gardiner's suspense-laden lensing, Yard Sale is creepy, ballsy fun with a script, penned by MacLean, that toys with your imagination and isn't afraid to take things a little bit further than you expect. 

Yard Sale makes the most of its 10-minute running time, its casual build-up quickly playing into a tight, high anxiety conclusion driven by top notch performances by young Keaira Pliva and an audacious turn by Sherri Dahl as Henrietta. MacLean is most certainly worthy of his Best Actor nomination at Festival of Fear and Shawna Pliva also does top notch work along with supporting players Mike Anthony and Bill Baksa. 

While Yard Sale takes a familiar concept in telling its story, MacLean finds a unique way of bringing it to life and this low-budget indie horror short is definitely a winner that you'll enjoy from beginning to end. To find out more about the film, be sure to visit its Facebook page linked to in the credits. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic