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David Agustin, Hilary Powell
Brian Barnes, Matthew Merenda
12 Mins.

 "Yellow" Released for National Rubber Duck Day 
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The odds would be fairly slim that when Yellow co-writer/director Brian Barnes sent off his award-winning short for review in advance of its National Rubber Duck Day release on January 13th that he would, in fact, send it to a film critic who just so happens to have a rubber duck tattoo. 

Alas, that's exactly what happened with this film journalist meets duck devotee. So, I obviously enjoyed myself quite a bit with this quirky and delightful 12-minute short film that dares to ask the philosophical question "What would happen if I woke up in the body of a rubber duck?"

Audiences have already been finding out exactly what happens as Yellow has, unsurprisingly, proven quite successful on the indie fest circuit with prizes at Portland Comedy Film Festival (Best Comedy Film), Sherman Oaks Film Festival (Outstanding Comedy Short), London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival (Honorable Mention), Indie Short Fest (Best Parody Short - Nominee) and others. 

David Agustin gives an inspired performance as the voice of our star and I'd dare say the short film is guaranteed to quack you up when Hilary Powell enters the mix with a performance that would make Lea Thompson jealous. 

The film is co-written and directed by Barnes with Matthew Merenda. The two have crafted a wonderfully produced, beautiful to watch short film that entertains from beginning to end. Rubber Duck the Actor even picked up a special Filmmaker's Award at Sherman Oaks for Outstanding Performance, Inanimate Ohject. 

The award alone makes me want to go to the Sherman Oaks Film Festival. 

Music by Ted Snacks nicely complements the zaniness of this whole scenario while Merenda's lensing is vibrant and joy-filled. After 20+ years of film journalism and thousands of films, every once in a while a film crosses my desk that surprises and delights me. Yellow is such a film. You can watch the film for yourself by visiting the film's Instagram linked to in the credits. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic