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Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Christine Taylor, Will Ferrell
Ben Stiller
Rated PG-13
89 Mins.
$28 million
 "Zoolander" Review 
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I laughed hysterically at "Zoolander" throughout my first viewing in the fact, I laughed so much that I bought the DVD the week it first became available. Sadly, "Zoolander" hasn't held up to additional viewings beyond a mild amusement factor.

"Zoolander" is co-written, directed by and starring Ben Stiller and it allows him the chance to team, once again, with Owen Wilson. It's a great teaming and I tend to laugh just looking at the two of them.

The plot is idiotic, the script silly and a definite portion of the jokes fall completely flat. Stiller plays Zoolander, a top fashion model on his way out who is brainwashed to killer the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Owen Wilson plays a "spiritual" supermodel on his way "in." Of course, as with all buddy movies, the two arch-rivals work out their differences and team up to fight injustice.

What works about the film? Some of the scenes are either downright funny or simply stupid enough that you have to laugh. The scene where Stiller and Wilson act like chimps trying to turn on a computer is primitive, but just really funny. Where Robert Altman failed, Stiller has succeeded in making a successful satire of the Fashion industry.

Stiller and Wilson clearly have fun with each other, and that radiates on screen. Nice performances are also turned in by Christine Taylor and a scene-stealing Will Ferrell as Mugatu. Milla Jovovich, Jerry Stiller (yes, Ben's dad), David Duchovny and a host of celebrity cameos fill out the film.

In a world where so few comedies make me laugh anymore, this one made me hysterical the first time I viewed it. While it hasn't held up to additional viewings, I have to give it kudos for one great view. It's a silly, lightweight...okay, downright stupid comedy...but, if you're able to suspend your intellect for a couple hours this film should make you laugh enough to justify the rental.

© Written by Richard Propes
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