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 Movie Review of the Week: Invaders From Proxima B 

Set for its North American VOD release with indie distributor Buffalo 8, Invaders From Proxima B debuts exclusively on Fandango at Home on May 31, 2024 and it's practically a sure thing to be a fantastic discovery for families looking for ways to entertain the kiddoes during these Summer months. The film is a family friendly science fiction comedy centered around a wise-cracking alien named Chuck (Roberts) who crashes into the backyard of the Jankins family (Roberts, Samantha Sloyan). Caught up in an increasingly weird situation, the Jankins team up with their new otherworldly friend to battle a dangerous array of weirdos who show up in hot pursuit of their furry friend and maybe even the world. 



 Book Review of the Week: Disability Intimacy, Edited by Alice Wong 

With "Disability Visibility," Alice Wong shook us all up with her remarkably constructed collective of writers sharing with refreshing openness and honesty the contemporary disability experience.

As a follow-up to "Disability Visibility," Wong is back with "Disability Intimacy: Essays on Love, Care, and Desire."

I should start, I suppose, by telling you just a little bit about myself. I'm a paraplegic/double amputee wheelchair user with spina bifida who has, in just the past three months, also survived both bladder and prostate cancer. I'm well past my life expectancy and have also accomplished far more than most anyone expected.

I was married in my early 20s, briefly and poorly, and I also spent a good majority of my 20s shouting an enthusiastic "Yes!" to anyone and everyone who was interested in me sexually whether I liked them or not and even if they found me to be nothing more than a sexual novelty or curiosity (rather common, actually). 


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