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 Movie Review of the Week: Thirteen Lives 

I'm not sure that Thirteen Lives really needed to be helmed by an Oscar winning director, however, I am sure that the film benefits greatly from being helmed by one of contemporary cinema's greatest optimists in Ron Howard.


 Book Review of the Week: A Hole in the World 
12/6 at 7pm at Landmark Keystone Art

I appreciated Held Opelt's extensive research and her emotional honesty. I appreciated her spiritual reflection and I also appreciated that "A Hole in the World" carries with it a fairly diverse collection of Christian voices within its pages from Lisa Sharon Harper to John Piper and others.

There's simply so much to love here and, perhaps, that's the entire point. As we give ourselves to healthier ways to grieve, this grieving turns into connection which turns into an ability to love, believe, and heal.

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