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 Dec. 2018 Reviews 
 "Roma" is Cuaron's Most Magnificent Creation Yet 

Roma, filmed on 65mm at 2.35:1 ratio in absolutely stunning black-and-white, is that rare film that absolutely begs, even demands, to be seen on the big screen even as it was picked up by Netflix for distribution and will be available for streaming beginning December 14th. 


 "Green Book" a Master Class in Relational Acting 

Green Book, a perfectly fine and genuinely entertaining film, was made for a nation in the nearly orgasmic throes of a Barack Obama administration. It wasn't that long ago, but in some ways it feels incredibly distant at this point. It was a kinder, gentler time in which race relations were seemingly on the upswing, gay marriage was becoming legal, and society's progressives were feeling safe enough to come out and play.   


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